Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Crafts for Kids - Dinosaur Fossil Tutorial

After a recent trip to Drumheller, THE Dinosaur capital of Canada, my future paleontologist got his craft on with some Salt dough to make these DIY fossils.

What you'll need:

Plastic Dinosaurs
Salt Dough Recipe from The Imagination Tree (Ace kids craft site)  
Rolling pin
Chopping Board (easier to clean up)
Drinking Straw
Brown Chalk (optional)

1. Make the dough, tear into smallish balls, and press down  making a rough circle shape.

2. Press Dinosaur parts into the dough.

3. Poke a drinking straw into the top if you want to hang it up.

4. Bake as per recipe (3 hours as long as the dough piece isn't too thick)

5. Crush up some brown chalk and rub that over the baked 'fossil' to age it.

6. Thread a piece of string through the hole at the top and hang on kiddos wall.

Spooky faces appearing as if by magic

It's all fun and games til Dad takes over!

A Parasaurolophus so my 3 yr old informs me!

The baked article, I liked the look of the cracking and irregular shape.

After aging with Brown chalk.

And because Salt Dough isn't just for kids, a sneak peek at some Christmas in July projects I've been working on.


Martiel Beatty said...

This looks like so much fun Ruby!

spidermom said...

i <3 dinos! fun fun fun!

~Isabel said...

My little five year old daughter LOVES dinosaurs! Thank you for sharing this!!

ruby murray said...

Thank you ladies, yep they were a big hit with the little ones, my little fella has asked me to make them everyday this week :)

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