Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Christmas in July - Mini Wreaths

All month I've been consumed by Christmas excitement, mainly because I have so many mosquito bites that Summer is now dead to me, and I'm hankering for some scarf and woolly hat weather.

These mini wreaths started off as a Cardboard tea bag box, then using a large and small Circle punch I whipped the bases up in no time. Then wrapped them with pipe cleaners, Beads, sequins and ribbons from my 'too small to be of use' ribbon box.

As usual I made a ton, so I'll be scattering these liberally around my tree and handmade gift wrap this year. Don't they look cute all lined up?

This project idea came from Martha Stewarts Handmade Holiday Crafts book, my oldest younger sis Hannah bought this for me, she must be buttering me up, or maybe she still feels guilty about the year she bought me a 50p scented candle, or Candle-gate as it has since become known as ;)

For size reference, I'm always amazed at how Sausage like my fingers look on closeups ;)

More unseasonal Christmas projects coming up, looks like a Christmas in July, August, September ...

Note: Clicking on the link doesn't mean I get paid, just wanted to show you the inside of the book via Amazon.com


Jill said...

What cute little wreaths Ruby!! I'm pinning these to make for Christmas too!

spidermom said...

summer is never dead! it lives in the hearts and minds of children like me everywhere! i believe!
heehee i love the tinsel-looking pipe cleaners! so shiny!

sewphie said...

These are really cute, you would never guess they were made of pipe cleaners!

ruby murray said...

Thanks Jill, just started following you on Pinterest, great taste lady!

@Spidermom - If I flashed you my bites I could totally ruin Summer for you lol.

@Sewphie - Thank you, I'm embracing my kiddy crafts and getting down with pipe cleaners, they're underrated lol

Hannah Watson said...

Cute, even i could make them! (And the scented candle was actually a really nice one, yes it was little, yes it was cheap, really cheap, but it's the thought that counts right?)

ruby murray said...

Hey Tightwad (Hannah my sis) a scented Candle by any other name is still a 50p gift, think outside the box this year... just make that box 2ft by 2ft te he he

The thought may be what counts, I just lean towards a more expensive,well chosen, shiny, custom made thought, just sayin' lol

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