Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ways with Vintage Maps - Mappy Monograms

It had to be fate that I logged on to Craftster last night to see this awesome picture, a little snooping around led me to the maker, Jessi at Cinnamon Teal.

If you're as desperate for one of these gorgeous monograms as I am, you'll be pleased to know that the lovely Jessi has posted a tutorial. Sure you need power tools, but that's what husbands and boyfriends are for right? or as I often say, you don't get a dog, and bark yourself do you ;)

Check out the tutorial and remember to say thanks if you make one yourself.  Cinnamon Teal - Map covered monogram tutorial

1 comment :

spidermom said...

very cute! maybe this could be done using the cheapo wood/cardboard letters they sell at michaels?
(power tools and i are not really friendly!)

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