Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ways with Vintage Maps - Print your Own!

So you thought you couldn't make any of these projects because your kids won't let you rip out pages from their Geography text books and your local thrift store is all out of Maps and Atlases, think again, check out this selection of Free Vintage Map Printables from the Graphics Fairy via  So Eclectic

I'm loving the Vintage London Map project, it's been used for framed prints but you could totally use it for covering a notebook too. I'm thinking this must be Circa Peter Stringfellow judging by the aged nature of it ;)

Centre front, a Mullet adorned Peter with some of his 'lovelies', more Peter (literally) here (warning clicking on this link may cause uncontrollable vomiting and the urge to brillo pad your retinas)

Moving swiftly on, another gorgeous printable from the Graphics Fairy wouldn't this make an awesome Gift tag? 

Map - Europe - Linguistic map 1907

The next one isn't free but if you're planning on printing and framing, these are gorgeous maps from The Americas, $5 is a pretty sweet deal for these beauties, they also have some beautiful cityscapes of Paris, Moscow etc.

British America eh? them were the days ;)

Winding up this series soon, and after that another Brit recipe to share with you.

So did you click on the link? ;)


spidermom said...

ahhhh!!!! my eyes!!!!

ruby murray said...

LMAO (and sings to self) 'It had to be you' Peter Stringfellow or Stringy as he's affectionately known at my house, is a British icon or summink or nuffink!

Justine of SewCountryChick said...

I used to hang out in Stringfellows in Beverly Hills when I was a teen with a fake ID! So cheeseball it was! I useed the Graphics Fairy music printed once but it smears if you Mod Podge it becase the printer ink doesnt hold up.

ruby murray said...

Justine you are such a rock n roll Mama ;) what a shame about the print off, that sucks

Jess said...

Thanks for the credit link to SoEclectic! I'm loving your map projects!

Old Map said...

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