Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Bottle Cap Cuteness - Pin Cushion

I have mentioned before about my Penpals and love of writing letters, well my good friend Spidermom and my latest Aussie penpal Becky are both interested in learning to sew. The crafting world is pretty addictive and before you know it the humble art of Cross Stitch leads to Embroidery and before you know it, you're staring at a sewing machine it's 3 am, you've got blood shot eyes and you're thinking how did this happen, yep be very wary of Cross Stitch, it's a gateway drug ;) Back on topic though, a great newbie sewing project is a pincushion, you need one so make it cute right?

Now these ones I made from a great tutorial using Bottle caps, they are hand stitched and dare I say embroidered (still no closer to Embroidery Mastery), I wanted a decent size so I used Juice Bottle caps. Making these is a great way to use up Felt scraps and small pieces of embroidery floss you may also have a problem throwing away. Oh and did I mention that since my last foray into Milk Bottle top crafting I now cannot ditch any sized bottle tops. My poor hubby must groan everytime he sees I've made something from an otherwise unrecyclable item, he expects to come home one day and find me buried under a mountain of bottle caps... still what a way to go, bound to make it into my beloved Ripleys believe it or not Annual!

If you want to make one or a whole team of these, then check out this easy peasy tute Felt and Bottle top pincushion tutorial

Another cute project is this adorable similarly made pincushion but without the felt, great for using up fabric and ribbon scraps.

tiny pincushions

I have some amazing embroiderers that read my blog, Spidermom and Lime Riot to name two that I'm sure would make some amazing versions of these.

The above are all hand stitched but below is a machine sewn Tutorial for an unbelievably cute pin cushion, could not resist one with a London theme.

Check out this amazing list of 22  Free Pin cushion patterns mostly machine sewn, these are my two faves.

The Little house by the sea - Toadstool pincushion
P.s Last day before due date, Quilt top sewn together, still no curtains in the nursery and it's -43 with the windchill, here's hoping baby can hold on til warmer days :) extreme weather warnings in effect eeeeeeek.


spidermom said...

must resist urge to make a needle book and pin cushion--right now!
brrr hope you stay bundled and cozy! aka indoors ;)

ruby murray said...

(Chants) Do it, do it, do it :)

spidermom said...

hehe i'm so gonna! have a milk jug cap just waiting to be transformed!

Jenifer Leone said...

It is really a lovely tutorial. Can we do something new with bottlecaps.

ruby murray said...

Jennifer, hope you're checking back, how about these amazing pieces using bottlecaps?

ruby murray said...

A few links here on how to make round Bottlecap beads.

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