Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A lesson in Patience for the uninitiated

So my due date duly vanished into the distance as did the remnants of my sanity!, my sewing machine has also decided it needs a break as does my Serger and my back up sewing machine (are you freakin kidding me?!) Needless to say I've been trying all sorts of 'get this baby outta me' remedies, in between running (read waddling) up and down stairs and doing lunges whilst cleaning the house (I kid you not), the hubster has been feeding me all sorts of concoctions to get this baby out, including but not limited to:

Fresh Pineapple
Anything with Jalapenos
Curried Anything
Green Tea
Red Tea
Raspberry Leaf Tea

I feel like Augustus Gloop from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by now so any crafting I can do which involves prolonged sitting/lying down works for me. Step in the old faithful Cross Stitch and my new obsession, bottle/jar/squeezy tube top (yep I'm diversifying) pin cushions to while away the baby free and sleepless hours. I was hoping that I was stitching one doll for each day of being overdue but I ran out at 4!

The Russian Dolls cross stitch pattern is from the amazing book, Rainbow of Stitches, there are some fab Embroidery patterns in there too but this is by far the coolest and cutest Cross stitch pattern book I've ever seen. Lots of negative space patterns, home projects, large and small motifs, the works. I would and have recommended this to anyone sitting still long enough!

Rainbow of Stitches (via Amazon.ca) p.s there's nothing in it for me if you click on this link, just including it in case you want a sneaky peak!
A Rainbow of Stitches: Embroidery and Cross-Stitch Basics Plus More Than 1,000 Motifs and 80 Project Ideas

 Next up is my latest (4th now) Bottle cap pincushion this time using the flip top lid of a hand cream squeezy tube (seriously nothing is safe from being covered in Felt and bedazzled at the moment). The size is great as it fits in your palm and being a wider base allowed for more practice with embroidery stitches and some additional sequins.

Tried out using Ecofelt (made from recycled plastic bottles) it's a great thickness and doesn't go as fluffy as the regular cheapo stuff. Also added a few sequins to this one, just some $1 store ones, a little glitter is good for what ails you wouldn't you say ;)

So what's up next? fingers crossed me giving my husband the Vulcan death grip followed by much cooing over our next baby.

Oh and if anyone can help decide between the names Beyonce, Blue Ivy, Jay-Z and Justin Bieber (yep it was a mistake deciding that Twitter trend reports would depict the name of our 2nd born)then please weigh in ;) lol


Anonymous said...

I've heard eggplant parm works!

LimeRiot said...

Hurry up, baby!! Get out of there!! Good luck with everything.

I love the book Rainbow of Stitches too. So many awesome designs.

spidermom said...

you are so right that book is AMAZING!
love the color combination of the pin cushion...isn't eco felt fun? definitely my favorite inexpensive felt.
hurry up baby, mama needs to meet you! <3

ruby murray said...

Oooh Eggplant Parm? I'm so on it, I love Eggplant or Aubergine as us smelly Europeans call it!

Still waiting for baby, day 6 now so I'm starting to chomp at the bit, thanks for the well wishes xoxo

Kira - oopsicraftmypants.com said...

Best of luck with the baby! I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out. Your latest x-stitch is loverly... Gotta check out that book!

Terri said...

I love the cross stitch and totally sympathize with your overdue-ness!! Long ago, total stranger at a vegetable stand told hugely uncomfortably pregnant me, "You know dear, that baby will never be easier to take care of than it is right now." I wanted to poke her in the nose, even though she was sort of right!

Anonymous said...

The best to help your Baby out is to drink flax seed cook in water. I know because my Baby Girl was born very easily after I drank two warm glasses of it...Good luck!

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