Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brown Paper Packages tied up with string ...

Just recovering from a yucky cold, poor little fella is still cold ridden and requires maximum snuggles and kisses throughout the day (the best bit)

In the last week through my snot ridden haze I've been busy crafting, packaging and beautifying gifts to send to family in the US and UK, there are some amazing ideas out there for gussying up your presents and parcels so I thought I would put together some of my favourite ones for you until I'm back to fighting fit.


Two colours of yarn woven around the present, could totally contuinue this to make a bookmark.

For the Pom pom I used this method, Pompom Video Tutorial  from Creature Comforts my best mucker Spidermom introduced me to this gorgeous blog. It's a much quicker way of making them than the original way my Nanny taught me as a kid.

The Crochet Flower is the Irish Rose I believe, no significance, (in case you're interested we're English through and through on my Mothers side and a smattering of Scots on my Dads side) the rose could be taken off and turned into a Brooch, I know my Mum will do this, she's the queen of saving everything and the reason why I have a billion  odd lengths of ribbon from cutting them out of shoulders of new clothes :)

One for the guys but you must check out all the tutorials on this link, gorgeous idwas using everything from Buttons to Doilies and stamps too, what a perfect wrapping idea this one is for the chaps in our lives, no glitter or curly ribbon in sight.
Bugs and Fishes Gift wrap tutorials A whole host of gorgeous ideas and tutorials here.

A few more projects on hold but will be back soon with some craftiness, till then I'll be updating with some more gift wrap ideas I've been hording links to.

Personal update: can you believe that it's only 6 weeks til the babe is due?, blogging is keeping me from thinking about the huge long list of baby things I should be making :)

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Jill said...

Great wrapping ideas there! Love the flower that can double as a brooch!!

Good luck with the end of your pregnancy too!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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