Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Refashion Series - Jus' Sleeve it

Thank you to the lovely Stacey who emailed me asking if I could include some tips for those that aren't so into sleeveless refashions. Which has prompted me to start a refashion series cheesily named Just sleeve it (I can see you cringing from here!) The purpose behind the series is to shed a little light on sleeves, what shapes you need to make different sleeves and what will work for different figures. Now I'll admit that I do love a short sleeve and sleeveless refashion, I have been guilty of seam ripping off a perfectly functional pair of sleeves just for the hell of it, it's not laziness I just like a change!

No more though, whilst it seems futile to try to refashion something for my 10 weeks left of pregnancy, that doesn't stop me talking about refashioning and even (fingers crossed) coming up with some Tutorials on making your own sleeves and sleeve adjustments to suit YOUR figure. 

So don't be shy, is there something that's scaring you off adjusting or drafting sleeves? not sure what kind of sleeve to wear for your shape/size, drop me an email and I'll try to include some helpful info to add some shoulder action to your sewing.

P.s Just imagine I have a really cool looking button for this series :) irl I am way too low tech to make one!


Terri said...

Your refashions are amazing! You have a great eye!

Ruby Murray said...

Terri you're a doll thank you that's so kind xoxo

Sew Country Chick said...

Hi Ruby . i was hoping you could post one of your projects on my linkup tomorrow? Thanks!
Sew Country Chick

ruby murray said...

Hey Justine would love to, I have no idea how to do it but will have a go for sure :)

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