Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Denim Revisited

My foot is now out of the Aircast (2nd day) but it's really slowing me down, I'm shuffling around like Ozzy Osbourne on Tranquilizers and it's been wearing me out, so the craft time formerly known as Noahs nap has reverted to Mama nap time too. I'm trying to get the hubby to video me making one of the Denim roses as I keep burning myself taking progress how to shots for the tutorial, yep sounds way funnier than irl :)

Until that's sorted, here's a project I made from a Michelemademe tutorial for my little fella, he absolutely loves it and it's made entirely from repurposed material, even the stuffing comes from 4 deflated pillows that had been languishing in my basement waiting for a makeover. It's not quite as elaborately embroidered as the original by Michele but I topstitched each seam instead and added a little bit of meagre embroidery to the top. I love how it turned out and Noah my little fella was dead chuffed with it too.

If you have a couple of Denim outfits that have out stayed their welcome in your closet, check out the Tutorial and stitch yourself some patchwork loveliness.

Michele made me - Denim pouf Tutorial

Stay tuned for more recycled lovelies and hello to my new readers :)


spidermom said...

now i'm going to be picturing you shouting "SHARON!!!" all day!
the cushion is fantastic! great for a family room or kids room. maybe i should stop putting jeans in the charity bins from now on!

Reverse Clothing said...

I have so many jeans sitting in my pile this is perfect!

LimeRiot said...

I love this pouf! What a great reuse for all of the old jeans I have taking up space in my closet.

Feel better soon!

Michele Pacey said...

Well that turned out just fabulous Ruby! You did an awesome job!

Does your little one kick it around the living room in an enormous, very destructive game of football? Does he launch himself onto it like a sumo wrestler? Mine does. It's by far the best thing I've made him (though I'm a little scared for his safety)...

So glad it worked out for you! Yay!!!

ruby murray said...

Aww thanks Peeps and Michele whilst my little terror doesn't kick it around the living room yet,he does love to launch himself on to it head first, not looking forward to his first Hardwood flooring sandwich!!

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