Thursday, November 3, 2011

Denim Revisited - Denim Rose Tutorial

Wooohooo I've made a video tute, stagger back in amazement/amusement! after filming a great video tutorial then finding out I had no blinkin idea how to rotate it I had to film the whole thing again, I swear the first one had no umms, aahs or repetition (ooh sounds like a Timmy Mallet Wacaday rule!). Without further ado, here is the tutorial on how to twist and turn your Denim scraps into lovely Denim roses, use them on Hair clips, hair bands or whatever you like.

So you've heard me now, embarassing huh! answers on a postcard as to where you think my accent is from in the UK, no-one ever knows and even fellow Brits can never guess. 0 points for the South, 0 points for England :)

So what more can you expect? another Refashion tutorial coming up this week and a new series on Refashion starting soon.


LimeRiot said...

Love this! Thanks for the tute. One of these would look adorable pinned to my new canvas bag :).

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial, I will be giving this a go :)

I'm from the south of England (Berkshire) and your accent sounds like I imagine mine to sound. Is it from somewhere really random instead?

ruby murray said...

Thanks ladies, and Becky, actually kinda close, I'm a bit of a Heinz 57, born in Buckinghamshire, grew up in Oxfordshire, left at 18 then it goes crazy from there. Oh and loving Berks, my Mum lives just outside Reading, ooooh I miss the Oracle, and Primark of course ha ha

Jill said...

Hi Ruby

Thanks for stopping by my blog - had to pop over and see what you upcycle too! Oh my goodness I've been snooping around for ages! You've got some great stuff here - and I"ve added you to my blogroll so I can find you easily again and come back for more inspiration!

Nice to 'meet' you! (I'm originally from England too - but up north!)

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

ruby murray said...

Aww thanks Jill so glad you found some good stuff! What is it with us Brits, we do get about don't we, although with another Canadian Winter upon me I'm rethinking the whole Canada thing, I think Aus is where it's at!! ;)

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