Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Scraps Left Behind - Leather Round up

Wowsers I may be the only one but I've had a blast messing around with Leather, I'm drawing this theme to a close now and have some more great posts coming up on Denim, Cooking and even another a refashion Tutorial, seems like ages since I've sewn anything to wear and can't wait to share with you.

Poppytalk - Cowboy Boot to Wallet

I've purposely stayed away from anything that looks too technical but this I love, can't see myself cutting into a pair of boots to make a Wallet but I would love to own one of these, so cool and what a great refashion.


Love-aesthetics - Leather Envelope Clutch Tutorial

Easy peasy clutch, a cut and stick ready in a jiffy kind of project but a great gift idea.

[Finished (4)[5].jpg]

Stitch in My side Leather/Suede Flower Necklace Tutorial

I'm going to be keeping and eye out for any cool Leather projects and posting about them sporadically so if you couldn't beg, borrow or steal any Leather this time, keep checking back for more great posts from around the web.

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Heather - dollarstorecrafts said...

Leather is such fun to work with. I always have a really fun time when I get to work with it!

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