Sunday, October 23, 2011

No scraps Left Behind - Leather Mini Cuteness Tutorial 3

Ok call me obsessed but I still have a shed load of Leather scraps and then it dawned on me that I had an 80's monstrosity in Red Suede so I've been carving a path through that this weekend.

Inspired by this super duper miniature tutorial Bored and Crafty - Mini Satchel I got busy with some teeny tiny pieces that were quick to make and would make such cute Christmas Brooches, gift Toppers or just Xmas ornaments and yep, still on the Christmas jag!

1. Make a pattern on card for your Mittens, I suggest making it no smaller than mine which were 2 1/4'' long and 1 1/4'' at the widest point (the thumb piece), any smaller and you're going to have trouble turning it . Cut out the pattern from a piece of suede/suedette/Leather/Vinyl, whatever you have on hand, making sure to flip the pattern piece for two of the pieces.

2. Putting right sides together, stitch carefully as close to the edge as possible, back stitch to reinforce at stopping and start points.

 3. Cut closer into the seam allowance if you have some wide areas, then cut up to but not throught the gap between the thumb and the mitten. Then cut teeny triangles out of the round areas this will help when you come to turn.

4. Before turning right side out, ensure that you have no holes in the mitten, it's easy to cut too close or through the stitches so you'll want to check for this now and stitch up those areas.
Then poke your finger into the mitten turning the finger ends inside, keep poking and wiggling until it's the right way out, using a hairpin will help to tease the thumb piece out. Keep playing with it until the edges are nice and round. 

5. No one likes a lost Mitten so pop a piece of ribbon 2 inches long inside one Mitten and stitch closed, following the pic below pop the other end in the other Mitten and stitch closed, you want the thumbs to be facing when they're finished.

6. Now for the fun bit, with some Lace and hot glue, glue the Lace to the centre of the back of the Mitten and bit by bit glue and wrap the Lace around it until it meets the start point, you'll want to hide your stitches and leave a little over the edge for decoration.

Hold those teeny tiny Mittens in your hand then realise that everything looks cuter with a bow. Cut a strip of your fabric and tie a tiny bow, using a pin to help you, glue it on, revel in the tiny cuteness.

Just for fun here is the 'donor' of all this lovely red Suede, amazingly this looks worse on, I's have trouble getting through doors head on!

No Tute for the teeny tiny Clutch, however using the Tute linked to above is a great starting point then have fun.

Ok have fun with the rest of your weekend and if you liked this Tutorial let me know :)



spidermom said...

eek the cuteness! you make it look so easy! and where's the "before" shot on the 80's monstrosity this lovely project came from?

Sew Country Chick said...

I LOVE those ornaments!

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