Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kicking it old school - Penpal stylee

I'm a nerd plain and simple and nothing made me happier as a kid than receiving a letter from one of my tons of penpals, umpteen years on and although my childhood penpals letters have since dried up I admit to having 3 on the go for the past year. Yep I'm a serial letter writer, long, short, whatevers I just love a handwritten letter and what big grown up girl can't admit to a sense of childlike glee at discovering a handwritten letter in the mail that isn't one of the following:
1. Appointment reminder for dental work.
2. Car Dealership confirming your next service date.
3. Even worse, the dreaded pap reminder (shudder)

Since I have a fandabbydozy penpal by the alter ego of Spidermom, I had to make a letter themed present for her birthday and I stepped out of my box again and entered the terrifying (to me at least) world of embroidering text. Spidermom as I've mentioned before has some madskills with embroidery so this was an homage to her.

 Nope this is not my penpals address but still no abusing it hey? just lovely things in the post please, no dismembered fingers, Horses heads and the such!

The two twinnie needlebooks side by side one ready to post (she's received it already in case you can't be trusted with a secret!)
I quilted the fabric then bound it with bias tape and added a snap to hold it all together, the needle pages are just tacked to the inside so they are flippable. I had so much fun making these and I know that my penpal was dead chuffed to receive hers even if I did miss out the first number of her address ha ha. (Soz about that!)

If you fancy making one of these that is a little less work, no quilting or text embroidering to do, check out this super cute needle book tutorial from the wonderful Kelly at emaykayee (make)


Not up to letter writing or sewing but like to get mail for you that doesn't result in imminent requirement for personal invasion?! check out www.postcrossing.org an amazing site that hooks people up to receive and send postcards from all over the world, and yes of course I am a nerdy card carrying member!

N.B Thanks for the well wishes, foot is still so painful but hubby has peeling grapes down to a fine art now so it's not all bad!


emmalemma said...

Very cute! I love getting mail too, but I've never done one like this. I wonder how unique you can make your letter's envelope and still have the post office deliver it?

Speaking of letters as gifts, while my friend and I were studying abroad in Italy, I faked a letter from a character from his favorite TV show while we were there. Leaving no detail undone, I even hand dotted the postal code stamp thing by hand and scraped the envelope on the floor for "effect". He really believed it came from Philadelphia! It was a lot of fun since we didn't have a lot of money for "real" birthday presents!

spidermom said...


who's turn is it, anyway???

mary said...

So glad to see letter-writing love. I was beginning to think I was the only one!

Kira said...

Awwww! Words cannot express... I love this!

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