Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Curl up and Dye!

I have a feeling that I may have stolen this title from Audreys Hairdressers in Coronation Street, anyone?

Well my lovelies, I've managed to muster some more energy these past 2 days and on a pre-nap (that's me not Noah) 20 minute spree I rather foolishly decided to dye a dress I loved but the colour didn't love me. With English colouring I feared someone would cart me off to hospital if I wore this outside the house, it makes me look decidedly pasty and ill, and not in a Rock and Roll hangover kinda way either.

I love the outcome now, but I had rather hoped for a washed out Blue colour and not the deep Blue it turned out to be, I am a real spur of the moment person and I really should have given myself more time on this one and given the dye less time!.

The colour I hope for, I dyed this using half the time suggested, sadly the dress was already in and dyed.

The dye instructions said 20-35 minutes so I figured leaving them in for the minimum time would be best, the colour was a lot darker originally but I handwashed in hot water several times to get as much of the dye out as I could. I'm still toying with the idea of using a colour remover to remove just a smidgen of the dye, but I'm kinda fearful that this could turn into a too much/too little scenario so maybe I'll just wear it, live with it and see how I feel first.

Oh Dye, why oh why oh why do you taunt me with your offer of a lovely colour and then serve me up something completely different? :)

Close up of the embroidery, so pretty.

Anyone else had any craft fails recently? I'm hoping to get some good crafting done this week so fingers crossed I'll be knocking the next one out of the ball park :)


emmalemma said...

I think that the color is really nice! I would recommend wearing it once before doing any color removal and see if you still don't like it. Also, could taking out the dye make the color come out blotchy? Maybe I'm just trying to dissuade you because I like it! :-P

spidermom said...

i agree with emmalemma, i love it as is!

Sew Country Chick said...

Oh well, you can always sen it to me, I would be delighted to take it off your hands.

LimeRiot said...

Craft fail?!?! No way! I love the color. I think it's very rich and vibrant. Gorgeous!

Ruby Murray said...

Aww thanks my lovelies it turns out that what I was hoping to achieve colourwise wasn't possible with this dress so I'm happy with it now. Blotches would be much worse definitely!

More colour changing antics coming up :)

Jennifer said...

I am glad you are now happy with this dark blue version as I find it extremely wonderful! It really looks amazing! Don't you just love dye? :D

Jennifer said...

Another note with dye, I think we are not supposed to have an expectation with how the color will come out since most of the time it turns to be a mystery (which makes it exciting b/c the results can be so surprising). Anyways, that's just my opinion! :)

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