Thursday, March 24, 2011

Refashion Inspiration - Hot Glue gun and pearls

So it's been a slow week at the sewing machine, I've not been as productive as usual and here's why, we bought the house we fell in love with and we move in 15th April.  I cannot wait and I'm packing up everything that stands still long enough, my tons of craft books are away, my huge stash of fabric is away and most of my wardrobe, in fact with 3 weeks to go until we gain possession I should really be sewing like a demon to give me some clothes to wear!

Anyway, tonight I came across another great site solely about refashioning clothing and accessories, check out the refashion co-op, so far here's one of my favourite tutorials, how cute is this bib necklace, I love the different shades of pearls, and you know that I've never met a bow I didn't like.

Pearl Bib Necklace tutorial

I do have a confession to make though, I'm moonlighting tomorrow, yes the lovely Caitlin at Caits creates has asked to feature little ole me, so I'll be wipping up another tutorial for your delight and delectation and this time it's something anyone can make, if you can thread a needle job's a good'n.

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