Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pattern Review - Burdastyle Contour Bust Dress

Before I get stuck into my review of this pattern I must first say that this was not produced by the pattern drafters at Burda, a very thoughtful lady has put this together and shared it for free with anyone who wants to try it.

Anyone that downloads this pattern, please be kind and write a quick note of thanks as a comment on her pattern. Only a fraction of the people that download free patterns ever thank the contributor, which is impolite and unfair, and since I'm British I am also a stickler for good manners!

I used a Burdastyle pattern called the Contour Bust Dress: 

It doesn't say anything about using interfacing or lining it so your dress could be pretty flimsy or see through if you use a lightweight fabric. If you want to line the top part of the dress just cut out all pattern pieces exactly the same but in a lining fabric. I would also use interfacing perhaps just on the lining to make the whole dress a little sturdier.

First off I found that some of the pattern pieces didn't 'walk'. A technical term meaning that when you line up the pattern pieces and with an awl and follow the seam line, when you get to the end of one pattern piece there is still some left of another. This doesn't mean it won't sew together it just means that one pattern piece could do with about 1/2 inch added.

The pattern also states that it will fit several sizes but there is only one version of the pattern available which I feel is best suited to the smallest sizes, try adding a cm around each of the pattern pieces (as suggested by another Burda member) if you intend to enlarge it. I'm a size US 4-6 (UK 8-10) and I needed an extra 2 inches so I had to make a rectangle piece on each side to sew to the Centre Back to be able to insert a zip and have it fit.

Suggestions: Make a practice version (unlined and without interfacing)and see how it fits you. I added a contrast piping to the underbust seam and bias taped the top but you could also pipe each seam for more of a dramatic look that would suit patterned or non patterned fabric.

Would make a great mens shirt recon as it doesn't require a lot of fabric.

Verdict: A great pattern that looks like a million bucks. Would be knockout with a fitted waist piece. 9/10

Would try this again with a few alterations for deffers!


Mia Adams said...

Hi, I just found this, and I wanted to thank you for the kind words! I also learned the technical term for "my pattern is wonky, sorry!" I didn't notice that the bottom bust pieces didn't quite line up until after I created the pattern, and quite frankly, it's rather embarrassing! Hah! There are a lot of things I would like to refine and change about that pattern, but unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to fixing it. I try to think (hope) that most people can figure out the quirks.

The most exciting thing about posting the pattern is seeing all the variations and creativity that people make out of it. Yours, for one, is absolutely gorgeous! It's such a versatile pattern. I really should go back and at least edit some of the instructions--I did claim it fit several bust sizes, but didn't really explain that you might have to make certain modifications o.O.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate this very detailed feedback. I hope to redesign the pattern to appropriately fits different sizes, and "walks" well, and just be more finished.

ruby murray said...

Hi Mia, I was asked to do some pattern reviews by one of my readers and I really wanted to make sure that you knew that your hard work was appreciated before I went into how I found the pattern to sew up. So glad that you are happy with this feedback, your pattern is awesome. Tons of people have used it and made great versions that otherwise would have no idea where to start on something this cute and detailed.

Hoping you read this comment too and know that your hardwork was definitely worthwhile, I love my version of your gorgeous dress.

Thanks again
Ruby xoxo

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