Monday, February 7, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horror 13 - The Twofer

So this one was long and pretty shapeless before but really I didn't do much to it and I think it ended up cute and wearable, and of course the two pieces from one is a bonus too!

This is the sister Mumu of the Bouquet du Mumu skirt, yep same print, same dress, bought at the same store on the same day both unworn, crazy huh?

So you're wondering where the name comes from? Twofer? well in cutting the ankle length dress I was also able to make another (matching) elasticated waist skirt. Two for one!

Since this was the bottom of the dress it was pre-hemmed so this has to be THE easiest skirt to make, stay tuned for a tutorial for the no hem skirt coming soon.


emmalemma said...

I like the look of this dress, I'm getting a 60s vibe from it. Kind of mod. The neck detail is pretty cool too.

Your hand-me down horrors are making me realllllly want to raid the thrift store for some horrible stuff.

Also, thanks for your tips on my bodice drafting. I made a muslin of it, and there is too much ease everywhere (I added a standard 3cm according to my drafting book) and odd arm hole gaping on one side. I find this strange since I used my own measurements. I think I can explain away the armhole gaping because the bust dart on one side wasn't quite reaching the fullest point of my bust (I have body asymmetry). Anyway, I think I should go back and redraft using smaller measurements or do some major overhaul on my muslin. In the meantime I might try to do a project that is a little less of a headache!

ruby murray said...

emmalemma I've got a few suggestions for you when it comes to drafting, will you send me your email address? (go to my contact me page) I only seem to be able to give lengthy answers and it might be easier talking to you direct!

La Bouilloire Noire said...

That dress is super sexy looking now!

Kellie said...

I have to just say you are amazing, I am so jealous of people with the vision to do what you do. Thank you for providing me with ideas that I can try out myself.

ruby murray said...

Kellie, thank you so much for your lovely comment it really makes my day when someone takes time out to say something so sweet. So glad I've given you some inspiration.

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