Thursday, February 10, 2011

HMDH a story of Love, Obsession and errrrr Mothballs...

So this Hand-Me-Down Horrors series has literally taken over my life, I can't eat, sleep, or bathe baby Noah without thinking about my next fix, the design, style, fabric, colour. My Dining table is once again covered in all kinds of sewing projects and my pledge to finish off 2 wip projects before starting one new has totally flown out the window I am completely and utterly obsessed.

I never really intended for this blog to be about fashion at all. I have a love hate relationship with fashion blogs, frankly I find the concept of someone telling you what is hot and what is not a little patronising, it's the same reason I am not into organised religion. I don't lead a Rock N Roll lifestyle, neither am I a drinker nor a druggy, yep sorry folks, I'm more Saffy than Patsy these days (Ab Fab reference) but I still like to know that I have the option to abuse myself in that way, so for that reason religion would totally cramp my style! 

I digress, style for me is totally about what works for you, what makes you smile and the way you feel when you know that you look good, not what is on the cover of Vogue, or what is in the stores at the moment. If you truly have style you just know what looks good on you, it's just about making it work and rocking your outfit whatever you're wearing, fashion is fleeting, style is eternal (Coco Chanel)

So I'm gonna keep on keeping on with Hand-Me-Down Horrors, (amongst other projects) I love doing the transformations and short of a full scale intervention I really have lost all control over my ability to stop anyway.

So to my 23 followers and to the near on 6000 views I've had I'm hoping that HMDH has not become your drug of choice... ok so maybe I do just a little.

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