Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horror 14 - Rainbow Bright

I know it seems like I've been changing up a fair few skirts recently... and that's because I have! but seriously I'm working away on some refashions that require a bit more of a tailored finish, so all the time I can keep churning out the cuteness and work on the tough stuff at night I will do.

This was sat in my wardrobe begging to be reborn as something wearable, the waist fit me but the boob coverage left a lot to be desired, and quite frankly I'm not sure just how comfortable Alberta is with public nipplage.

Cue the seam ripper, my trusty wide elastic and bobs your uncle, the cutest most summery skirt that I cannot wait to wear. I almost wore this outfit round the house today even with 2 foot of snow outside.

I don't know why I've steered away from redoing skirts in the past, admittedly it was a little fiddly making the waistband pucker free, but I did accidentally cut the waistband an inch too short so I had to do a bit of magic on it before it would fit and look good.


 Hope you like it peeps, and roll on summer that's all I can say!


La Bouilloire Noire said...

very cute!

ruby murray said...

Aww thanks, I post my blog posts on FB too and my lil sister said and I quote.

'Wow thats really good! Fancy making me one like it? But lil bit shorter? And the skirt part a lil bit tighter?' So really Jacqueline you want a completely different skirt lol <3

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