Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly Round up 2. - The case of the Fascist Sleeve

So I've now been doing the Hand-Me-Down Horrors for 2 weeks, it's totally flown by, my sewing machine is running like a dream and I can barely sleep at night for all the ideas popping in to my head.

If I'm honest I never really know how things are going to turn out, at Fashion school we were taught to think things through, to sketch and design every element at the beginning, for me that kind of takes all the fun out of it and did for quite a while. It's been at least a year (before now) that I had the guts to sew anything to wear but starting this blog has really given me some confidence back in my abilities and put the fun back into sewing so thanks for reading, and your lovely comments.

The idea of sewing your own clothes as I see it, is really to just get stuck in and have a go, if you're new to sewing grab a book and get practising, pick up something from the thrift store and see how it turns out. What's the worst thing that could happen? I too have had (and still have) plenty of sewing failures, I once inserted a Wool Jacket sleeve incorrectly, even when I matched up the notches perfectly I found that when put on the Dressmakers dummy the Jacket sleeve stood up on it's own, the full fascist Hitler salute. Only me right?!

So this forthcoming week I'll be working on my entry for the Craftster super ugly to super awesome challenge which I'll also be including as a Hand-Me-Down Horror since they (a couple of pieces went into this one) were both horrible and they are soon becoming a little chi chi number I can't wait to complete.

Come back soon and see what I made me out of some serious ugly!
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