Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hand Me-Down Horror 11 - Bouquet du Mumu

This is another off my Wip list which I just happen to be storming through (yahooooo!!). It was a Red  70's Mumu that still had it's original tags on, how sad it had never been worn, until now.

Cue the shears, a waist length piece of wide elastic later and Bob's your Uncle a cute and completely wearable skirt. This was a lunch time project, hemming this by hand took longer than the rest of the construction put together.

Hope you like it people, it's a super easy project even you scaredy cats can try.


emmalemma said...

I have a wide piece of elastic I was going to make a skirt with last summer. How much do you stretch the elastic when stitching on the skirt and do you need to use a stretch stitch or a straight stitch?

Grammy said...

Realy pretty, roll on summer

ruby murray said...

emmalemma - You don't need to stretch the elastic, but do stitch on the fabric with a zigzag stitch. This will enable stretch.

Next tutorial - how to refashion a Mumu into a skirt so that there's no need for any seams or a hem, making it even quicker than the one I made.

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