Sunday, March 22, 2015

Remember me?

Helllloooooo to all my lovely readers(dusty echo resonates), it's been 6 months, a camera breakdown and some ongoing house renos but I'm still alive and kicking.

Sometimes I'll admit, I've sneaked past my dusty laptop with a fake moustache and glasses on to give you the slip but I always knew I'd end up back here, giving you some lame apology, grovelling on my knees and hoping some of you hadn't yet deleted my blog from your favourites.

You know it's been a little too long when it takes you three tries to remember your password!

Truth is I'm ALWAYS busy with crafts, and really the quieter I am means that my business of sewing and selling is going well so you have to be happy for me really non? 

Well I AM getting back to blogging, but for a while my pics will totally be cell phone pics until we get a new Camera worthy of you guys.

So can we strike a deal, if you can pretend there were no others then I won't ask any questions like were they better than me? funnier? (gulps) craftier?


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