Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grannys no Square - Crochet Blanket

So I kinda just helped myself to a big ole blog break over the Summer, a sneaky trip back to Blighty to catch up with the folks and soak up some of the amazing history, style and culture of my homeland was just what I needed, the kids got to meet all of our family members and get a taste of a real British Summer, which surprisingly was actually sunny, for two whole week!.

It wasn't until I came back from England that I pulled myself together and vowed to finish the mountain of half finished, half started, nearly finished projects I have languishing in my crafty space. This blanket was the first contender. A generous donation from my husbands work colleague, thank you Heather! of a ton of white cotton was just what I needed to unify the colours and spruce up the blanket.

Relaxed and fully recharged I'm raring to get started on sharing all my new projects with you lovely people.

So this project I've had in the works for erm (shuffles feet) about 2 years, yup I raced through the Granny squares then hit a design wall. I wasn't even sure if the Purple, Neon Green, Aqua colour scheme was even going to work. In fact, on reading this, I'm still not sure it does work on paper! oh well!

This blanket started the way most of my blankets start, what yarn do I have in the same gauge and fibre content?, I had a bit of Cotton kicking around so I basically threw it all together. I know, I make it sound so haphazard but I really love to be surprised by the outcome.

Crochet tutorial: joining granny squares 1

I used a new joining method thanks to this awesome tutorial from Carinas craft blog which I really enjoyed, it uses the same stitches as the Granny square itself and because of the spacing, a 35 block granny square blanket ended up a generous twin size instead of a lap quilt! (The bed in the pic is a Queen)

Just for fun, here is the funny, sunny little lady, Gabrielle my muse for all things bright, colourful and cute <3

So much more to share, I'm back to blogging and it feels great!

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Ruby Murray said...

Love your granny square blankets. One day I hope to make one, but I still haven't managed to master a granny square! Need more practice I think!

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