Friday, June 7, 2013

Big news in Little Edmonton!

Ok time to 'fess up, about my absence, I've been a little preoccupied recently, always crafting, always busy with the family, always secretly planning world domination (and now my gig's up), but would you believe that people have started noticing me?
At first I thought it was something I was doing with my hair, brushing it (ha ha) and the odd half arsed attempt at something trendy to prove to the other Mum's at Preschool that I've still got it. Then I realised that these people don't know what I look like (phewee, looks down at comfy slippers!)
I've been in demand recently,
* I was asked to write in a local paper on creative recycling (thank you Marjorie Campbell)
* Had my map projects featured on the awesome Gear Junkie
* followed swiftly by two projects on the mighty Huffington Post
*Simply Crochet magazine (UK) wanted to include my Crochet edged notebooks in their News page.
and then... Charlotte Rivers the Author, contacted me to ask if I would submit some of my book projects for her latest 'Book of Books'.
So I've been plugging away reshooting pics of my Map notebooks, Security envelope books and Crochet edged notebooks (big thank you to the effervescent Tasha for her photography skills.) Then describing my creative process (eeek, very unprofessional I'm sure)
Such exciting opportunities handed to me recently, you see, I'm kind of shy about mentioning it, but here goes... I've always wanted to ... (whispers quietly in your ear and then giggles)
and I think I could do it too.
If only I knew. Where. To. Start.  So I'm feeling really inspired that even if not in MY book, I could very well be in A book, and since there's only two letters different between A and MY I absolutely feel like it may even be almost possible, maybe, perhaps...


Anna Mette Bladt said...

I'm sure, you could write a great book - please do it!

melissa date said...

It will all fall into place now you have put the whisper out. Say it loud and clear and see what happens then :)

Carole said...

Well done and good luck. Cheers

Zoe said...

Congrats! It is so nice to be recognized isn't it? I hope your book turns out good, I encourage you to just go for it!

ruby_murray said...

Anna thank you so much I think I need to just pull my finger out and be proactive about it. Xoxo

ruby_murray said...

Melissa you're right, no point being shy about it. So ridiculously English of me not to mention it lol. Xoxo

ruby_murray said...

Thank you so much for the good wishes Carole xoxo

ruby_murray said...

Awww thanks Zoe. You are totally right I just need to make it happen now xoxo

ruby_murray said...

I have THE loveliest people stopping by to check in on my teeny corner of the web. Each of your comments adds a little extra spring to an already pretty springy step lol :-)

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