Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vintage Cross Stitch Sampler


I love the Reuse Centre, I blog for them, , I shop there, I tell anyone too stupid to run away quickly from me about this awesome place, it's my all time favourite place in Edmonton bar none.

Anyway enough gushing about it, this here is why I think the place rocks. I 'pop' in to look for some fabric and BAM, 2 hours later I'm cowering under the weight of 10 vintage needlecraft books and magazines, a roll of 70's Red, White and Blue contact paper in the most amazing pattern, 17 Mens ties, some psychadelic fabric and almost a Partridge in a Pear Tree... and only then because the applicable bin was empty.

In one of those Needlecraft magazines came this gorgeous pattern, since I finished Gabrielles birth sampler here I'd been itching to start another one ..

..and since I only had 97 other unfinished and promised projects to complete, it seemed like the perfect time to start one.

The frustrated Victorian lady inside me loves the Symmetry of the latest pattern and that it's only using 5 colours, it has a Red, White and Blue (my fave colour combo) thing going on and Hearts too (fave motif). 

The best thing about Cross Stitch in general? even when my house looks like a tornado has hit, my gorgeous children are swinging off me, shouting, screaming and crying, snot, tears, the works, I am in such a blissed out, Zen, peaceful state of mind as soon as I start stabbing placing that needle through the Aida, it's crafty Valium for me that's for sure.

So what crafts are chilling you stressed out, over achievers these days? Cos I want in.

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