Saturday, September 1, 2012

Salt Dough - Not Just for Christmas

They say that by embracing the activities you enjoyed as a kid Adults can de-stress, and by 'they' I mean Travis from Cougar Town, woah been seriously overdoing the Cougar Town recently.

So I've been rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty with some Salt Dough Xmas ornaments as you know, and it turns out that there are some pretty cool projects on the web and not all Holiday themed either.

Here's my pick of Salt Dough projects from around and about.

First pic - The Desperate Craftwives - Starfish garland Tutorial
Love the beachy feel of the starfish, would love these as curtain tiebacks in the bathroom.

salt dough pendants

Floral may not be your style but using stamps or anything with texture the possibilities are endless and with one batch you could make trays and trays full of these, great for you craft market sellers and such an inexpensive medium you'd be Quids/Dollars in.

June, from Celtic Moon Craft if you're reading this, I would love to see you make these pendants in your beautiful Traditional Celtic style .
Oleander and Palm - Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Also a great idea for gift tags all year round, stamp names on for place settings, tie round napkins for handmade napkin holders, so many uses and who doesn't have a round cookie cutter and a few stamps kicking about.
Had to sneak some more Christmas projects in for those feeling me on the hurry up Winter front.


June said...

Hi Ruby! You've no idea how chuffed I am, after reading the comment you left on my blog, as well as just now going back to read your reply to my comment on the post you did recently (the one before this one - on your beautiful salt dough ornaments), and now, for giving me a shout out in this most recent post of yours.

I would love to - somehow and some way and at some point down the road - make either pendants like these beautiful ones you've shown here, or Christmas ornaments.

But again, I've no experiene at all with salt dough (which is funny to me in and of itself, in that I love working with dough - as in, pastries and especially baking bread - I am, or was, a frustrated pastry chef in another life, lol - next to Celtic design and music, baking is a big passion of mine).

I'd need to learn how to master the beautiful art of salt dough craft before I could even think of doing anything as beautiful as what you've shown us, here and in the last post with your beautiful Christmas ornies. I absolutely love them.

Thank you so much for such kind and lovely sentiments about my crafts, Ruby. I truly am chuffed.

If I ever get brave enough to try my hand at making something beautiful from salt dough, I owe it all to you and that previous blog post of yours. Tell you what - if I ever do make any pendants or ornies, I will credit you as my inspiration and motivation, for that is what you definitely are.

Keep up the beautiful, beautfiful things that you create, Ruby.

Erica said...

The starfish are so adorable. I'm bookmarking that to my to do list.

I'm planning on making dough ornaments with my puppies' foot prints in them soon. Just a sweet reminder of their little paws. :)

LimeRiot said...

I love the starfish!! I think those would look cute paired with sand dollars too. Thanks for the inspiration.

ruby murray said...

June - You are soooo welcome, seriously it's easy peasy, childs play, probably why I enjoy it so much. I really hope you do try it out.

Erica - Awww puppies footprints that is such an adorable idea, gotta love crafting for the furbabies ;)

Lime - Oooh Sand Dollars WOULD look cute with the star fish, wish I wasn't so landlocked then I could pick some up myself.

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