Thursday, June 7, 2012

Recycled Crafting - Medal Ribbon Gift Bows

I've been MIA I know, but her madge isn't the only one with a special day in June, little fella turned 3 today so my life has been a blur of party bags, birthday crafting, and making out my house usually looks like I've just thrown a hoover round it. ;)

Carrying on from the Medal ribbon crafting using my wopping 11 metre stash of these bad boys, Gift bows.

I totally missed out on Jubilee celebrations, street parties and revelling in being a Brit, however because I have a very unhealthy crush on these guys, check out this Youtube vid of the Queens Guards, too funny, and yes they were totally following orders, so what.

Annnnnnd if you can stomach watching a vid side on, then this is my personal fave from a couple of years ago, it still makes me chuckle everytime I see this.

(sings and gyrates in a slightly unsavoury manner) ''Go shorty, it's your birthday...''

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