Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ways with Vintage Maps - Recycled storage

So all wrapped up on the latest recycling series, I have to finish the Vintage Map projects before I am forced to change the name of my blog to Ruby Murrays Maps ;) It was so tempting to keep going after I found another old Atlas at a Garage Sale recently.

 I don't think I can totally turn my back on this awesome crafty supply though so expect some random Map projects scattered throughout future blog posts.

P.s big thanks for all the people reblogging my posts on Tumblr, haven't got a hope in hells chance of understanding what or how Tumblr works, but thanks to truebluemeandyou and the hilariously named f$ckyeahmaps!

Last project and just a written Tute because this is super easy.

What you'll need:

Empty canisters for Coffee/Tea/ Hot Chocolate
Decent quality Glue
3 or 4 Elastic Bands
and my favourite ingredient, the Dusty Old Map.

How to

Measure the height and width round the canister adding an extra 1/2 inch or so around the width to give you an overlap.

Cut out your rectangle making sure your corners are square (use the corner of the ruler) and you're cutting straight.

Draw a line from the top to the bottom of the canister making sure it's straight and square at the top and bottom. (Optional but will make glueing easier)

Slather your canister in glue.

Apply your Map piece making sure the edge of the map lines up with your drawn line on the canister and overlapping the edges.

Glue the overlapped edges down

Stretch your elastic bands over the covered canister and wait to dry.

Eh voila some thrifty, recycled storage containers for your crafty supplies.


LimeRiot said...

So many cute map ideas lately! I really need to get my hands on some old maps!

Truebluemeandyou said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog (I always link back to the original source and never post entire tutorials). I was so happy when you came out with the woven map notebook tutorial because I love crafts that involve maps and I post a lot of them! Also, the links to the vintage maps post that you did was really helpful.

Justine of SewCountryChick said...

This series of maps is so great Ruby! Do you mind if I pin it?

Ruby Murray said...

Thanks so much for your great comments Justine, Lime, and truebluemeandyou, just added your link to my post, eek must have deleted the link first time round.

Justine, go ahead I'm preparing to be pinned ;)

Unknown said...

I like your article and it really gives an outstanding idea that is very helpful for all the people on web.Thanks for sharing here about Vintage map.

Unknown said...

By your post i got some interesting use of map. It is beauty with information.

Ruby Murray said...

Love, love, love this!
Going to have to pin this, too...and make some for my studio to hold paintbrushes! :)

Ruby Murray said...

Yay so glad you liked it Mary, time to dust off those old Atlases x

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