Monday, April 2, 2012

Tutorial: The Big Apple Giant Flashcards

I didn't set any specific New Years Resolutions this year but what I'm really focusing on is not holding back, to use it up and wear it out, to save nothing for a special occasion because what's not special about today and any day for that matter? If you put off cutting that special fabric/Paper etc, then by the time you've got around to using it, it's not as nice as you remembered and there's something else that's caught your eye.

This is just such a project, I'd had a million and one ideas for this frame I had given to me, it's enormous and needed something cute and fun to do it justice, so why had I not used it for nearly 3 YEARS? I busted it out and now I can enjoy it.

I've had this idea for a GINORMOUS flash card in my head for ages, so here it is: 70cm x 100cm Ikea Ribba Frame, some Eco Felt in Red, a few scraps in Greens and Brown (from the mystery scallop project) and a piece of Dollar store Bristol Board I had laying around.

It's perfect for Noahs play area, aka the (cue snooty voice) 'Formal' Dining room and it still fits in with our patriotic, 'Brit Kitsch' Red, White and Blue in the Lounge that it's in view from. 

Wanna Make your own?
  • Keep the existing Ikea Paper in your Frame, just flip it over and use the back.
  • Cover that with your Matte Frame.
  • Slide your Bristol Board under your frame and tape it down to the Frame
  • Use Double Sided tape and stick each layer down before moving
  • Cut out your Letter A and Apple then use Double Sided tape to secure pieces
  • Hot Glue Gun your Apple pieces together, using minimal Glue so it doesn't show through
  • One last wipe down of the inside frame, it gets pretty staticky and Fluffy from the Felt.
  • Check Positioning before putting back in frame
  • Pop back in the frame and use scissors to push down all the tabs.
I repositioned this thing about 5 times, and it was a pain in the butt so following these guidelines should save you a ton of time.

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Enjoy, I'm just off for a Fruit Salad :)


spidermom said...

ah the "special" stuff...always sits in boxes at my house too :)
love this project, so adorable for a play area!

LimeRiot said...

Yep, special stuff always sits around here too! Bah. So silly. I need to just cut into the good fabric and get over it.

I love the flash card project! It's so bright and happy. Do you plan to do any more letters?

ruby murray said...

Thanks ladies, LimeRiot I think I may do B & C too.

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