Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Site to See - Mollie Makes, The Making Spot

I am in love with this magazine, it's visually striking, cute as a button and sadly over in Blighty so I struggle to get a copy if Chapters is sold out of the one or two copies they have on their shelves.

Tonight I've just stumbled on their site which links to free Tutorials and amazingly enough the templates from each mag are downloadable, so embroidery patterns, sewing templates etc are yours for the taking it would seem.

Check it out for yourself  Mollie Makes - The Making Spot

If you're as taken with it as I am, and you live over the pond (from UK) check out their digital subscriptions.


spidermom said...

love! i was directed to The Making Spot through Cross Stitcher magazine...great site!
off to check out the newsletter in my inbox!

Clover said...

I just recently discovered your blog and have now made it one of my "must visit" sites. I am very impressed and inspired by your skill and creativity. I hope you keep blogging and sharing your design ideas -- I hope to someday be as talented as you!


ruby murray said...

Thanks as always BFF Spidermom, and Clover, when I logged in and saw your comment it totally made my day it truly did. For someone to say I've inspired them is THE coolest thing. It's lovely comments like this that make me keep on blogging xoxo

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