Saturday, December 10, 2011

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas - Bows

I just can't help myself, I am a sucker for bows of all types, on everything, made of anything so the lovely creature comforts blog, yup again got me thinking about all of the different types of paper you could use to make this lovely paper gift topper bow.

I would love to see this made with pages of sheet music, cartoons, old Atlas pages, any old book pages, and how simple but perfect that the tails of the bow act as a gift tag, genius.

Please check out this tutorial and several more gift printables, a chain link garland and the most adorable bird printable wrap.

Made from leftover bits of gift wrap and a button too, perfect last minute-ran out of everything gift topper, and otherwise what do you do with those too small to be useful pieces of wrapping paper?

Ever wondered how to make these posh looking ribbon gift bows? check out this tutorial using of all gadgets, the humble embroidery hoop, bloody genius I hate the idea of going out and buying a specific tool to make these (one which I probably would not be able to work out with enlisting the hubster!) Stay awhile and check out Lines across my face, it's a great blog with some lovely ideas, check out her Felt Xmas Trees Tutorial(I've made a ton of these and just need to decorate them)

If you're a newbie crafter you could definitely do worse than make some of these for Xmas, why pay for them at stores then throw them away afterwards, make these out of anything paper from Music sheets, newspaper, comics etc. I love the idea of matchy matchy paper gift bow on wrapped present, esp newspaper or brown paper, you could get away with either of those for boys right?

Can't get these newspaper wrapped gifts out of my head courtesy of Sustainable baby steps thanks to Reduce Reuse Upcycle  for featuring the idea (lots of seasonal earth friendly projects here). Don't have a daily or free paper where you live? check out the library for a selection of free foreign language newspapers or use magazine paper.

And lastly just because I simply refuse to kick the Leather fascination (I swear 99% of my gifts have been made of repurposed leather this year) here is a gift bow made of Leather, it does require some tooling but I think you could easily follow these instructions using a lighter repurposed leather and a glue gun, it won't be as stiff as the hide used in the photo but you won't need any extra gear. This could be attached to a brooch back as a seasonal (or cute as heck all year round) extra gift.

Hope some of these amazing bloggers have offered up some food for thought and got you inspired to make wrapping a creative part of your Xmas, I love the idea of playing around with colours, unusual materials and textures, rough on smooth,  and also the idea of scale, teeny tiny bow on a Large gift? or great big gift topper on teeny tiny gift (like my Crocheted Rose), have fun and use what you have laying around.

Got some more ideas from around the web coming up, and also a Tutorial for a Xmas tree decoration that requires no sewing and could help you clear out your scraps bin, and an extra cute felt & recycling project I just finished that is almost too cute to look at without glasses.

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spidermom said...

great ideas! i especially dig the one that uses up the little bits of wrapping paper, i hate throwing those out!

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