Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Another award? yay that's two in a week, this time from the gorgeous and super talented Bea at Butterflies and Hurricanes, please check out her blog and her vintage inspired designs vintage by beatrice winter sadly I'm not on commission as I'd wear absolutely everything she's designed :)

Again I need to share 7 new things about myself, so just for fun 7 silly and vacuous facts about me.

1. I like to pronounce the word Atlantic as if it had an r in 'Atlarntic' and when people try to correct me I tell them that I just like saying it that way :)

2. My name is not really Ruby Murray, in fact Ruby Murray is actually cockney rhyming slang for Curry, my fave yum yum yum, anyone guess? did I fool you?

3. My second toe is longer than my 'Big toe' which my Mum always told me was a sign of Royalty, are you all checking your toes now?

4. I'm on to my 2nd husband and I tell everyone that will listen that the first one never sticks ;)

5. I don't mind telling old ladies off in supermarkets if they are being rude, (even if it's not me they are rude to)

6. Canada is 7 hours behind the UK so when I speak to people on the phone I ask them not to tell me what happens in 7 hours because I like to be surprised!

7. I always forget my wedding anniversary, normal? not when the date is rememberance day.

So there you go, I'm sillier, more forgetful, but mostly way uncooler than you ever thought I was.

Tune in tomorrow for (gasp) another Tutorial and the outcome of the HMDH 21.


spidermom said...

congrats on another well-deserved award lady!
and...i agree, the first one never sticks!

Bea W. said...

Thank you so much for advertising for me. That's so sweet of you and means a lot. I have a longer second toe too, hope my first husband is an exception to the rule and I do forget birthdays all the time. Never my own though, the one that really matters. I do remember our anniversary though. I guess that because I might get something... Thanks for sharing...

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