Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horror 20 - All the nice girls love a sailor

Or so the saying goes, but having lived in Portsmouth, UK where they are ten a penny, this 'nice girl' was not taking the bait lol. I've had this dress for over a year but I loved it and even though it had rubbishy buttons on and was a billion sizes too big (UK size 16) it had some serious charm, so  not really such a horror just an unpolished gem!

I'd put off altering this dress because I was sure that I'd have problems with the collar since I had to take the dress in at every seam, but the collar just needed trimming and restitching at the zip end and the rest of the length just repositioning, phewee!

I totally feel like Jessica Rabbit in this dress, it's the kind of dress that made me sashay back and forth from the mirror to the sewing machine whilst wearing it.

Just for fun here is the facing of the wrap skirt, how adorable is that?!


emmalemma said...

WOW! I want this! The next time you find one of these at the thrift store you should send it to me! ;-)

spidermom said...

that is one hot number!

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Wowza! This is one "segzy" dress.

ruby murray said...

Thanks ladies, yep it didn't take much imagination to see this could be cute again. emmalemma if you fancy freezing your butt off in -30 (today) I'll take you to all my fave thrifty treasure spots!! ;)

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