Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mr Ruby Murrays birthday - a lesson in gift wrapping

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So today was the hubsters birthday, gifts check, cards check, gift wrap? check, no wait that's Christmas wrapping paper!

Cue me scrabbling around for some man friendly gift wrap at 7.30pm the night before his birthday! I can't pop out as he's working nights and I'm at home alone with the babe, so it's time to get creative.

I found some brown packing paper, a large road atlas (thrifted and out of date), some old sheet music (thrifted) and the best of all, an out of date text book on landscaping which had the weirdest most abstract pictures in.

pages from the landscaping book, cool huh?

Mexican tourist maps? perfect use of them, won't be rushing to holiday there!

My meagre attempts at paper weaving to add some interest to the brown paper wrap.

baby Noah giving the merchandise a thorough inspection!!

Paul was impressed and I think on this occasion the unusual wrap worked, it was manly, not fussy at all and of course free and 100% recycled and recyclable, bonus!


Grammy said...

cool i have found a use for my precious recipe magazines at last and the gardening ones can go that way too, I'm on my way to tidyness at last yippeee

ruby murray said...

Good on you Grammy! If only it was that easy for me, my house is still a den of inequity, as long as I'm being creative my house is a dump hahaha

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