Monday, January 24, 2011

Hand-me-Down Horror no. 9 - Keep your hands off my lucky charms!

So this is the dress that I demo'd the first tutorial on, I was sneaky and tried to keep as much hidden as possible.,

I've had this little puppy in my stash since I did the Ugly to awesome thrift store run, now I know I'm not buying anything new as part of my 2011 pledge but since it was possibly for a challenge I thought I'd indulge, and since it cost me a $1 obviously it didn't break the bank.

This one looks the most simple of all the restyles I'm sure, but I'll be darned if it wasn't a Royal pain in the butt, I shortened it, a bit too much but still wearable. I hacked off the sleeves, I took it in about 3 postcodes and that was just to make it fit, yep everything I post fits me and I would actually wear, I don't stop until the article is wearable and in a finished state, otherwise what's the point right, also another part of my 2011 pledge to actually finish things I start, (harder than it seems for me anyway!)

Finishing touches, hacking off the uninspired buttons and adding something much more 60's bold, I also top stitched (posh words for stitching that is visible and can be decorative) in a large stitch size around the neckline in a contrasting white. The zip wasn't required as I could lift the dress over my head so I took that out and of course saved it for another project. Seriously I save everything, buttons, zips, elastic you name it!

Uninspired before shot Urggh

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