Sunday, January 30, 2011

Everyone's doing it ...

The Hand-Me-Down Horror no. 12 is really giving me a run for my money, my initial plan was to make this dress, I saw a video clip on of Martha Stewart refashioning a skirt to a dress,  and it looked pretty easy, yep even that ol' jailbird is refashioning these days, like she needs to save money. The dress they show is a quick simple dress to make and should have been finished by the time Noah baby woke up from his nap, famous last words, unexpected pouching told me it was time to start from scratch.

So here is the link I was hoping to show you a finished article of, and hope you guys have a try for yourself. Since this is my last week of Hand Me Down Horrors I may even rustle one of these up after all.

If you're thinking of trying this out and are looking for skirts to recon, look for:

Ankle length/calf length, to give you the most options on length
Gathered skirt, nothing fitted will work (more fabric is better)
Lightweight fabrics: Silk, Cotton, even a silky Polyester 


Kanawinkie said...

Ooh, thanks so much for sharing that link! Once I get my new craft room set up (fingers crossed!) I'll have to work up the courage to give this a try. :)

La Bouilloire Noire said...

That's pretty. But I'm sad to hear you aren't doing Hand-me-down horrors anymore because I love them! They are so much fun!

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